Weymouth Concert Brass Win the 4th section At the South West Brass Band Association 62nd Annual Championships held in Torquay 15/11/08

Members of the band celebrating after winning

Adam Glynn the Conductor with the trophy


Weymouth Concert Brass came 1st out of 9 bands competing in the section. The test piece was Anglian Dances by Alan Fernie. The Adjudicator Steve Pritchard-Jones

Weymouth Concert Brass

St Breward Silver
Hatherleigh Silver
City of Exeter Railway
Oaehampton Excelisor

Weymouth Concert Brass on Weymouth seafront taking part in the 50 Brass Band Marathon. The bands were playing all along the South coast.      Organised by Superact     Sept 2008

Weymouth Concert Band finish 6th in the 2008 West of England Regional Championship

Comments from 4barsrest written by Rob Richardson

Weymouth Concert Brass
were easily one of the best bands competing, and this showed with a solid 6th place finish that could, on another occasion, have been a couple of places higher. Weymouth was aided by having possibly the best percussion section on the day. Rodney Newton’s background as a percussionist meant there was a lot for this section to do throughout the piece, and when a section like Weymouth’s pulled it off as they did it made a heck of a difference.

The band’s euphonium and flugel players were easily amongst the best of the whole competition, and the baritone soloist added a touch of class to the proceedings. Tempos were very well chosen by the MD, especially at the beginning of the fourth movement, which was very stately indeed and created just the right sombre mood before the movement shifts into fast, Cossack dancing mode.

One small request would have been for more use of dynamic effect, the band clearly had the players to easily do this, and it would have created even more effect to add to the band’s already accomplished playing. A solid result for a very solid band.

Fourth Section Results West of England Regionals 2008 Saturday 8th March

Adjudicators: Peter Roberts & Rob Wiffin
Four Cities Symphony - Rodney Newton

1. Brunel Brass, J. Winterflood, 7, 185
2. Wincanton Silver, B. Kelloway, 6, 183
3. Totnes, I. Wilkinson, 4, 182
4. Bream Silver, H. Cole, 17, 181
5. Shanklin Town Brass (Low), M. Lewis, 20, 180
6. Weymouth Concert Brass, A. Glynn, 11, 179
7. Chalford Academy Brass, S. Tubb, 1, 178
8. Tewkesbury Town, N. Morgan, 9, , 177
9. New Forest Brass, I. Luxford, 15, 176
10. Swindon Brass, F. Cowley, 12, 175
11. Downton, R. Wright, 13, 174
12. Spinnaker Brass, D. Jones, 16, 173
13. Torrington Silver, T. Hutchings, 14, 172
14. Bideford Town, G. Taylor, 2, 171
15. Cheltenham Silver, M. Earl, 18, 170
16. Porthleven Town, E. Ralph, 8, 169
17. Hatherleigh Silver, R. Wonnacott, 5, 168
18. Marshfield, 10, 167
19. Okehampton Excelsior Silver, D. Law, 3, 166
20. Gosport Silver, R. Sharp, 19, 165
Bratton Silver, withdrawn


Ceri Dickenson receiving the Mike Hallam Award for outstanding musicianship and dedication
for the band from Adam Glynn Music Director     (2008)