Weymouth Concert Brass change their practise room and move to the Compass
In January this year the band moved from the Methodist Church in Newstead road to the Compass in Chickerall road. The Compass is a building used for education.


The West of England Championship 2010
Weymouth Concert Brass disappointed with the result after a fine performance
in their first contest in the 3rd section.

1. Sidmouth Town (Adrian Harvey), 6*
2. Bream Silver (Huw Cole), 8*
3. St Breward Silver (Graham Boag), 12
4. Pillowell Silver (Steve Ruck), 10
5. Weston Brass (Tony Osborne), 3
6. Corsham (Martin Perry), 13
7. Bath Spa (David Hayward), 14
8. Bugle Silver (David Pope), 1
9. Denmead Brass (Estelle Flood), 5
10. Wincanton Silver (Brian Kelloway), 7
11. South Molton Town (David Marshall), 9
12. Tewkesbury Town (Nigel Morgan), 4
13. St Stythians (James Burns), 15
14. Weymouth Concert Brass (Adam Glynn), 2
15. Torbay Brass (T J Finnigan), 11

SWBBA 64th Annual Championship

Weymouth Concert Brass come 4th in their first year in the 3rd section


1 Bugle Silver                          
2 St Stythians                         
3 Sidmouth Town                
4 Weymouth Concert Brass

5 Torbay Brass                        
6 South Molton Town          
Weston Brass Withdrawn   
   Wincanton Silver Withdrawn



Relaxing after the contest



Weymouth Concert Brass Christmas night out.




Surprise for Adam
After band practice on Tuesday the band surprised Adam by producing a birthday cake and drinks to celebrate his 40th Birthday.




Weymouth Concert Brass playing for the VE Celebrations
at the Nothe Fort Weymouth

The Band plays music as the Cruise Ship Spirit of Adventure prepares to leave Portland Port

Portland Port Cruise Celebration Evening

During the year Weymouth Concert Brass entertained the passengers of 9 cruise ships with a variety of music as the cruise ships prepared to set sail to their next destination. The celebration evening was very enjoyable, a wonderful buffet with a chocolate fountain for desert. The evening started with Portland Port's cruise promotional video which included Weymouth Concert Brass playing to one of the cruise ships.